Delightful Facials at The Desert Spa

The magnificent Desert Spa in Cabo San Lucas provides incredibly indulgent treatments to guests of Villa del Arco, Villa La Estancia and Villa del Palmar in a sweeping 31,000 square foot space. The number one ranked Desert Spa offers a wide range of treatments such as body wraps, massages, couples experiences and hydrotherapy, but the facials are particularly amazing. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding desert atmosphere, the Desert Spa even has its own line of products, which utilizes many herb and fruit extracts that are native to the Baja California region. Each delightful facial available at The Desert Spa has been designed to target specific needs while ushering in a deep sense of relaxation.

Read on for more information about the pampering facials and The Desert Spa.

The Desert Spa Signature Enzyme Facial

This anti-aging treatment aims to reduce the signs of tired skin. Your complexion will be assessed, followed by cleansing and an energizing cinnamon enzyme peel that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface while refining it for a radiant glow. A sequence of collagen-boosting masks and an exclusive protein enzyme that boosts cellular metabolism are the final steps of this remarkable facial. You can look forward to a dazzling, more luminous complexion and younger looking skin with just one treatment. This Desert Spa signature facial is sure to have you glowing for the rest of your vacation at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos and after.

Desert Rose Replenishing Facial

The constantly changing environment can wreak havoc on your complexion, leading to inflammation and dehydration, which is why this facial was designed to combat these harmful effects. After your skin is properly cleansed and exfoliated, a personalized mask rich in minerals is spread onto the face to hydrate and balance the skin. High-quality penetrating rose oils are applied during a comforting facial massage to decrease sensitivity and deliver a result of long lasting moisture. For further softening and protection, a custom blend of cooling cucumber, aloe vera and green tea is applied to lock it all in. The Desert Rose Replenishing Facial is among the most sought after facials by guests at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos and for good reason. It is an idyllic way to refresh after spending the day under the magnificent Cabo San Lucas sun.

The Baja Bliss Facial

Ideal for those in need of a deep cleansing treatment, this facial uses a variety of powerful skin purifiers to get skin glowing. The surface of the skin is polished and refined through a potent combination of alpha-hydroxy acids and a micro-derm scrub. Afterward, gentle extractions and a volcanic clay mask, which is designed to further remove impurities, will leave skin feeling blissfully clean for the duration of your stay at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos and beyond.

Instant Glow Facial

If you feel like your complexion is looking dull, this is the facial for you! You will receive a customized cleansing and exfoliation treatment, after which a hydrating mineral mask and a luxurious moisturizer are applied.  At just 25 minutes long, this facial makes an ideal companion to the other body treatments or massages available at the Desert Spa in Cabo San Lucas.

Eye Treatment

The Desert Spa Eye Treatment is another terrific addition to any other facial or spa service. The skin around the eyes will feel incredibly moisturized and energized, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles with just one treatment. You will emerge from your indulgent Desert Spa experience with your eye area looking awake and rejuvenated.

Treat yourself to one of the splendid facials available at The Desert Spa during your next vacation in Cabo San Lucas!

Flavors of Los Cabos

Year after year, the region of Baja California, that incorporates San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, puts on a spectacular festival in honor of the delicious cuisine and culinary creations that have long attracted food and wine connoisseurs from around the world. The Flavors of Los Cabos is an event that began as means of promoting the exquisite cuisine of the region and has since been transformed into so much more. This year’s edition of the Sabor a Cabo (Flavors of Los Cabos) festival provides visitors with a chance to experience the delights of some of the greatest chefs in Los Cabos, while enjoying fine wine, excellent company, and terrific display of talent and entertainment.

Created entirely by restaurant owners and entrepreneurs, the Flavors of Los Cabos event, which is set to take place on December 9th of this year, promises to be a true delight for foodies and other guests who enjoy the art of gourmet dining. During the one night festival, a variety of restaurants and over 50 local chefs will showcase their most delicious culinary contributions, making it the perfect time to try the very best of the Los Cabos cuisine. Guests will not only learn a lot about the restaurants, wineries, and tequilas of the region, but they are also sure to come out of the event with a few new favorite restaurants that will make their Cabo vacation even more delicious.

While the Flavors of Los Cabos is a great opportunity to try out the best of the local cuisine, it is also a great way to help the community, as the festival’s proceeds go to benefit local charities that have been working to benefit the people of the area for years. It is for this reason and the incredible cuisine that the anticipated annual festival has been met with so much success. In 2016, the Sabor a Cabo festival attracted more than 3,000 guests who came to support the cause, dine on delicious culinary creations, and enjoy the music of Maná, one of Latin America’s most popular music groups. Without a doubt, Flavors of Cabo 2017 will see just as many, if not more, enthusiastic participants.

Guests wishing to participate in this year’s event should make their reservations at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos soon so as not to miss out on a chance to stay at the luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas before and after the spectacular festival. Why not make your Cabo vacation even more special by staying at one of the most exclusive resorts in the region? At Villa La Estancia, you’ll keep the prestige of the one-day event going long after the festivities are over.

Whale Watching Season Begins in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta

A winter getaway in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta is incredible for so many reasons. The warm, blissfully sunny weather, the extraordinary beaches, and the welcoming Mexican hospitality are definitely among the highlights. However, one of the most remarkable things about vacationing in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta happens away from the shoreline as the sparkling waters of Banderas Bay host giant pods of humpback whales who migrate for the season to bask in the warm water. The whale watching season officially begins in December and continues through March, when Banderas Bay becomes a playground for the visiting whales who often put on spectacular shows throughout the bay. Experiencing a whale watching adventure is sure to be one of the most unforgettable parts of your Mexico vacation!

Banderas Bay – An Ideal Location

Banderas Bay is a fantastic place for humpback whales to spend the winter months since the waters offer more protection from predators than those in the open Pacific Ocean. The whales make this journey to mate, give birth and get their offspring ready for their arduous travels back to the waters of the North. Whale watching season around Banderas Bay is especially thrilling because there are a large number of whales in a fairly compact area so it is likely to see them on any given day. In addition, the blissful weather around Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta during whale watching season makes an outing to see them even more inviting!

What Makes Humpbacks Unique

Out of all of the baleen whale species, humpbacks are some of the most active, putting on dramatic physical displays to the delight of all who view them. Their signature moves include jumping, twirling, breaching and socializing, which make them easy to spot, even from off in the distance. They often continue as tour groups approach, but there is never any guarantee; after all, they are wild animals who do as they please! Because of their affinity for physical activity, watching them in their natural glory is absolutely spellbinding. Humpbacks have the largest range in vocals amongst all of the baleen whale species, and they often “sing” to one another. It is common for snorkelers and scuba divers to hear humpbacks performing a song, and many boats are equipped with a hydrophone and speakers to allow everyone above the surface of the water to hear them as well.

Follow the Gentle Giants

Each day, searching for humpback whales presents a new challenge for those in charge of whale watching tours, however few whale watching tours return disappointed. The activity of the whales is never entirely predictable, which means tour guides will take you wherever the whales are spotted. These incredible creatures are awe-inspiring, especially when viewed up close. The experts who run the Puerto Vallarta whale watching tours are extremely knowledgeable and you will likely learn new things about humpback whales in addition to many other types of animals that you see along the way.

A whale watching excursion in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta will undoubtedly become one of the highlights of your Mexico vacation, so make sure you experience this memorable activity!

La Casona at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit

While enjoying your vacation in paradise, Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit wants you to have plenty of impressive dining options, and La Casona does not disappoint! At this gourmet restaurant, which has a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and rated 1st of 497 Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, guests can satisfy their cravings for both breakfast and dinner with wide-ranging menus that were designed with every type of diner in mind. Not only does La Casona boast a diversified menu of culinary treats, but it also features spectacular views of Banderas Bay, creating a breathtaking atmosphere in which guests can dine, either indoors or out. When making a reservation at this world-class establishment, diners can rest assured that every meal will, without a doubt, be deliciously unforgettable!

Scrumptious Breakfast Menu Offerings

During breakfast hours, which are from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m., guests will discover an incredible variety of dishes from classic comfort foods to innovative palate pleasers. La Casona at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit serves up everything from sweet breakfast classics like French toast, pancakes, and waffles, to a variety of eggs benedict dishes, omelettes, and traditional Mexican favorites like the Breakfast Burrito Norteno, Green Enchiladas, and classic Chilaquiles. Other specialties, such as the Montecristo Sandwich and Nana’s Italian Frittata, make it clear that La Casona has a little something for everyone. The highly regarded restaurant in Riviera Nayarit will be one of the highlights of your trip and you may find yourself seeking out their delicious breakfast menu day after day.

Dinner Menu Choices

At La Casona, dinner is available between 5 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., and this Mexican steakhouse serves up everything from innovative starters and fresh salads to sumptuous pastas and an extensive range of meats and steaks; of course, tasty desserts will please anyone with a sweet tooth. Starters such as the luscious Ahi Tuna Tartare, Deliciously Crispy Calamari Rings and Kobe Beef Carpaccio will kick your meal off in delectable style. Fresh gourmet salads and pastas bursting with flavor are excellent choices, as are specialties like the Tuna Steak and Wood-Grilled Kebabs. Prime cuts including Angus Beef Tenderloin and New York Strip will please meat lovers, while grilled items like Catch of the Day or Chicken Breast are lighter alternatives.

In addition to the hearty menus available during both breakfast and dinner, the chefs at La Casona understand that many guests are searching for healthier options when dining out, even when they are on vacation, and that is why a Wellness Menu is available for both breakfast and dinner.

Wellness Breakfast Menu Selections

For something light yet satisfying, guests of the AAA Four-Diamond resort can try the Tropical Fruit Plate with Nuts and Organic Honey or one of the heartier specialties, which include, Poached Eggs Over a Grilled Portobello with Ratatouille and Fresh Tomato Sauce; Scrambled Eggs Mexican Style with Cactus Leaves and Queso Fresco; an Omelette with Spinach and Tofu, served with Vegetable Bouquet, Avocado and Baked Beans; and a healthier take on a Mexican favorite – Red or Green Chilaquiles with Baked Tortilla Chips, Spinach, Mushroom, and Shredded Free-Range Chicken. A variety of freshly squeezed juices are also available to accompany your meal and give you an extra boost of nutrition.

Wellness Dinner Options

The Avocado and Pineapple Salad with Granny Smith Apple, Cashews and Avocado Oil Dressing or the Agave Honey-Coconut Oil Pan Seared Sea Scallops over Organic Baby Salad with Olive Oil and Mustard Dressing make blissfully fresh starters or light meals. Dishes such as the Stuffed Free-Range Chicken Breast with Mushrooms, Pine Nuts, and Pumpkin Seeds served with Wild Rice and Dried Fruits as well as the signature “Bouillabaisse”, which includes Four Types of Fish from the Bay, Grilled and Served in a Delicious Saffron Broth with Fennel, Tomatoes, Croutons and Gruyere Cheese will definitely get your mouth watering.

As you can see, every meal at La Casona at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit will be an outstanding dining experience!

A Grand Finale to A Grandiose Affair

The management and staff at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit, who are still reeling from a glamorous Grand Finale to their exclusive Cuisine of the Sun International Food and Wine Festival, have already begun plans for a third edition of the highly anticipated event.  The exclusive festival, which came to a close on April 29, 2017 left guests, local officials, and celebrity chefs so enamored that they couldn’t wait to begin plans for what will be another spectacular event.

The Cuisine of the Sun International Food and Wine Festival, held at the AAA Four-Diamond resort, exposes guests to sensational talent, supreme entertainment, and once in a lifetime experiences while allowing them to mingle with some of the world’s most celebrated chefs.  The Grand Finale of the 2017 Cuisine of the Sun Festival proved to be a grandiose affair, with high-ranking government officials, celebrity guests, and esteemed members of the Villa Group family in attendance.  Partygoers were treated to a sensational show as live music, fashion models and millions of dollars in diamonds took the stage in an energetic and entertaining tribute to the chefs who made this year’s event such as success and the culinary flair the region has become known for.  Guests were also treated to a delicious array of food and spirits, prepared by celebrity chefs and mixologists, including Penny Davidi, the festival’s curator, two-time Michelin Star winner Gilles Epie, Food Network celebrities Rahm Fama, Chris Kyler, Pat Neely, Davina Thomasula, Michelle Ragussis, and Martita Jara, in addition to Dakota Weiss, Israel Diaz, and Cloyce Martin who celebrated his birthday right on stage.

Those in attendance could clearly feel the excitement of the evening as they danced and dined the night away on the resort’s beach, overlooking the sweeping vistas of Banderas Bay and the swaying palms in the distance.  Individual booths, featuring the gourmet creations of each of the chefs, and the multifaceted runway enclosed the venue creating a fun, yet exclusive feel to the evening.  The culmination of excitement came with a fantastic fireworks display, which added the perfect touch to what was an incredible four days of food, entertainment, and luxury.

For those who missed out on the splendor of this year’s Cuisine of the Sun International Food and Wine Festival, there is always another opportunity next year.  The third edition, as will all of the Villa Group events, promises to be an experience that will far exceed your expectations.

Relaxing at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos

It is not uncommon for travelers to feel like they need a vacation from their vacation.  As successful individuals, the tendency to overbook and over-plan every minute of one’s life can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you have specifically planned a luxury vacation with the objective of finding time to relax.  While there is always more than enough to fill your days with entertaining activities when staying at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos, there is also an ample amount of opportunities to unwind.  The soothing ambiance of the world-class resort, the dedicated service provided by the professional staff, and the luxury accommodations and facilities all amount to an incredibly relaxing experience.

Mesmerizing Views

Guests looking for a serene vacation in Mexico can spend their days admiring the sweeping views of the Sea of Cortez and the El Arco rock formation that astonishes visitors to Cabo San Lucas each and every day.  Glorious sunsets, parasailers on the horizon, and the boats as they set sail all make up part of the experience.  Guests can truly get lost in the mesmerizing views in both Villa La Estancia and Cabo San Lucas for hours on end.

Luxury Accommodations

There is nothing more relaxing on a luxury vacation in Mexico than coming home to a private space all your own each and every night.  The comfort and elegance of the one, two, and three-bedroom suites at Villa La Estancia adds to the soothing experience of being on vacation.  Each of the 156 deluxe all-suite Villas are furnished in an elegant Spanish Colonial and Hacienda-style, and feature spacious well-appointed accommodations such as private balconies, fully equipped kitchens, and spa-inspired bathrooms. The suites are designed to emulate the home away from home feeling that can make one’s stay incredibly relaxing.

World-Class Desert Spa

Those who truly want to indulge during their Mexico vacation can spoil themselves at the Desert Spa, a 31,000 square foot space dedicated to relaxation, rejuvenation, and revival. The professional staff at the world-class Desert Spa has created an elaborate array of spa therapies and treatments, in addition to a hydrotherapy circuit, all designed to help you sooth your senses.

Gourmet Dining

One of the best parts about being on vacation is being able to indulge in the ambiance of fine dining and gourmet cuisine.  At Villa La Estancia Los Cabos, guests have two spectacular dining options to choose from, La Casona and La Parrilla.  La Casona is a signature cuisine & steak restaurant that features a unique layout with an impressive open kitchen and an enchanting outdoor dining area.  The romantic and elegant space will help you to relax, as your evening becomes an extremely memorable experience.  La Parrilla offers a chance to savor the exquisite tastes of gourmet cooking, while dining poolside for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  The extensive menu and convenient location offer the perfect setting for a breezy meal, savory cocktails or even a simple snack.  Each of the resort’s restaurants, in addition to those of Villa La Estancia’s sister resorts, will allow you to relax while satisfying your most demanding cravings.

Fly Me to the Moon – A Destination Wedding Package

Just as the lyrics to the famous Frank Sinatra song go, the Fly Me to the Moon destination wedding package available at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos promises to give brides and grooms-to-be a chance to play among the stars and fill their hearts with song. The sensational wedding package goes above and beyond the standard inclusions offered by most resorts on the market, giving loving couples an opportunity to have the wedding of their dreams in an idyllic destination in Mexico, accompanied by the best service, a loving atmosphere, an exclusive suite, and a gourmet experience.

The Fly Me to the Moon destination wedding package, available at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos, includes everything one could need for a memorable affair. Imagine inviting your guests to an exclusive resort in one of the most popular destinations in the world. The luxurious Villa La Estancia Los Cabos has the perfect one, two and three-bedroom suites, with stunning ocean and garden views for each of your loved ones. In addition, the resort features two gourmet-dining options, a beautiful freeform pool, and a world-class spa where guests can indulge in the most innovative spa therapies.

For the bride and groom, the Fly Me to the Moon package means so much more. It provides the peace and mind of knowing that a professional wedding coordinator, who will make sure every moment of the big day is simply perfect, will handle all the details. The package includes a wedding ceremony set under a beautiful canopy or gazebo on Medano Beach overlooking the Arco rock formation in the distance and the azure waters of the Sea of Cortez. The bride, with her stunning bridal bouquet, and the groom with his boutonniere will be whisked away by the supernal beauty of the moment, and a professional photographer will be there to catch all the details.

The Fly Me to the Moon wedding package also includes before and after amenities that will make the overall experience that much more enjoyable. The bride and groom will be treated to exclusive extras, including special romantic turn-down service on the wedding night, an indulgent spa treatment before or after the event, a private candlelit dinner for two on the resorts golden sand beach, and breakfast in bed the morning after the wedding.

Planning your big day at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos is an opportunity to experience the incredible joy that comes with a fairytale wedding and the excitement and satisfaction of a luxury vacation in one of Mexico’s most beautiful destinations. An experience such as this comes along once in a lifetime, why not make it as glorious as you have always imagined?

Life’s Greatest Luxury – Vacationing at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit

Close your eyes for a minute and breathe deeply. Imagine yourself lounging in a comfortable chair on the private terrace of your Presidential suite. All of your senses are alive with the enchantment of your surroundings. The scent of the ocean’s salt air, the sound of the waves as they roll onto the white sands below, and the coolness of the breeze as it blows gently by leave you enthralled. Imagine the palms heavy with coconuts swaying softly in the breeze while the whales in the bay breach and play with their young.  Somewhere in the distance you see the sailing boats beginning their day as they hoist their sails and cruise out to sea. What will you explore today? Will you sail to the islands or shop in the local markets? Will you partake of the luxurious massage or spa treatments at the resort? Or will you simply enjoy the warm air and sweeping vistas that stretch out from the terrace of you Three-Bedroom Suite at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit?

A visit to Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit will revitalize you and give you an opportunity to celebrate life. Whether you are planning a family vacation or a romantic get-a-way with your special someone, Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit is the perfect choice. The AAA Four-Diamond Resort has two categories of suites, each cloaked in the luxury of the ultimate accommodations, which will make all of your vacation dreams come true. The Three-Bedroom Suite Ocean Front and the Presidential Three-Bedroom Suites are an exclusive opportunity to live life’s greatest luxuries.

Master Residences – The Three Bedroom Suite Ocean Front

The Three Bedroom Suite Ocean Front is a Master Residence built for pure enjoyment.  Imagine over 3,300 square feet of heaven all to yourself.  The accommodations include not one, but two master bedrooms, each boasting a marble shower, whirlpool bath and an unbelievably comfortable king-sized bed. The third bedroom, not to be outdone by the master suites, has two Queen-sized beds and it’s own spa-like bathroom. While easily accommodating up to 8 guests, the Master Residence also has a large chef’s kitchen that includes everything you might need to prepare a gourmet meal, or brew a perfect cup of coffee. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can have amazing meals prepared in your suite by your own, personal, accomplished Chef.  The living areas in this Master Residence are rich with furnishings that are pleasing to the eyes, and will drown you with an easy elegance that will make it hard for you to leave.

Sunset Residence – Presidential Three-Bedroom Suite

Taking luxury to a whole new level is the Sunset Residence, which is perched at the top of the resort, overlooking the stunning views of Banderas Bay.  This Presidential Three-Bedroom Suite has 4,316 square feet of space, flawlessly designed to make guests feel like royalty. The unit contains three generously sized bedrooms, four large spa-inspired bathrooms and a spacious kitchen that opens up to a dining area, living room and wraparound terrace. Aside from the luxury inside the Master Residence, the views from the windows and terrace complete the dream. Guests can start their day watching the sunrise and ships sailing out to sea and end it admiring the pinks and reds of the sunset drenching their terrace in the twilight. Behind the scenes, personalized Butler assistance makes sure all the details are attended to, ensuring an incredible stay. Services include wakeup calls with flowers and daily papers in bed, in-suite breakfasts, turndown services at night, and packing and unpacking services. Even the kids are treated like royally with an in-suite camping experience that is available to those who request it. A stay at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit will provide you with everything your heart desires, in the lap of luxury and in the middle of a tropical paradise.  Set your spirit free. Come stay with us and let us give you the pampering that you so richly deserve.

Special Sales at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos

Taking a vacation should not mean having to break the bank.  That is why Villa La Estancia Los Cabos has a number of special sales throughout the year so that guests can revel in the magic of a Cabo vacation without having to spend a fortune.  By checking Villa La Estancia’s website, travelers can easily see the promotions available to them at any given time, making it easier than ever to take advantage of exclusive deals.

Currently, Villa La Estancia Los Cabos is offering the Springtacular Sale, a promotion that offers guests up to 45% off their stay with the additional option of having kids stay and eat for free when opting for the Full-Board meal plan.  This exclusive offer, available until June 14, 2017, allows guests to travel to Villa La Estancia Los Cabos throughout the year, until December 21st.  Guests looking to take a Cabo family vacation will definitely benefit from a spectacular sale such as this.

For travelers looking to take a last minute Cabo vacation, the Luxury Residences promotion gives guests up to 50% off their stay and $600 USD in resort credit per room when booking a vacation within the next 30 days.  In addition, this enticing promotion gives guests the opportunity to bring two children free per paying adult.  The Luxury Residences sale is the idyllic plan for Cabo family vacations or a last minute getaway that is as luxurious as it is convenient.

When booking through the Villa Group website, travelers can rest assured they are receiving the best rate guarantee, a promise that the resort’s agents will provide guests wishing to make a new reservation with the lowest possible price.  The Best Rate Guarantee is just one more reason it pays to check the Villa Group website before booking your next Cabo vacation.

Visit for more information about the stellar sales offered at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos.

Group Getaways at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos

Booking a group reservation at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos can mean a spectacular vacation for you and your travel companions.  Whether planning a fantastic destination wedding, hosting a work meeting or conference in Cabo, or simply planning a week away with a group of friends, Villa La Estancia has everything you need for a successful group vacation and more.  The luxurious beachfront resort is equipped to handle small gatherings of 16 or large conferences of up to 400 attendees.  The impressive meeting facilities, stunning beachfront venues and spacious suites, are idyllic for the best of group getaways.

Villa La Estancia has luxurious banquet and meeting facilities, beautifully designed to suit the needs of diverse groups. They are equipped with the latest in sound and lighting technology, and include indoor and outdoor catering equipment depending on the group’s needs.  In addition, a team of highly qualified professionals is available to handle the needs and wishes of group leaders, whether it is for important meetings, special events, or even large conferences.

There is no better way to create a successful event than by inviting attendees to stay at a luxurious resort, where they can relax in comfort and dine in one of the top restaurants in Cabo. Villa La Estancia Los Cabos has a plethora of spacious suites available, including deluxe superior rooms, one, two and three bedroom suites, in addition to a Presidential three-bedroom suite.  Each suite is draped in luxury, the finest bedding and linens, ample amenities in both the spa-inspired bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens, and an extended living space on the outdoor balcony or terrace that overlooks the azure waters of the Sea of Cortez. In addition, guests can dine at La Casona, the number one rated restaurant in Cabo, according to Trip Advisor reviews. All of this and more come together to create the ultimate group getaway.

The Restaurants of Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit

With the closing of this year’s Cuisine of the Sun International Food & Wine Festival, an event hosted by Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit, and the highly anticipated Vallarta Lifestyle’s Restaurant Week just around the corner, there is no better time to get acquainted with the fantastic dining options available at Villa La Estancia, a AAA Four-Diamond Resort that has as much pride for its delicious cuisine as it does its sophisticated and spacious luxury suites.  Guests staying at the ultra-luxe resort have four gourmet restaurants to choose from and the Palmita Deli and Market, where one can find everything they need and more during their Mexico vacation.

La Parrilla, the resort’s casual poolside dining option is open from noon to 5:00pm and serves up a delicious selection of burgers, sandwiches, wraps, Mexican ceviches and seafood specialties. The laid-back ambiance and idyllic location create the perfect setting for a late-lunch or a poolside snack.

La Casona at Villa La Estancia is an eclectic Mexican steakhouse that offers more than just delicious dishes.  Its multifaceted menu is perfect for guests with even the most discerning of palates and its indoor and outdoor seating provide for a versatile dining option.  In addition, La Casona, as well as La Parrilla, offers a wellness menu designed especially for those seeking to maintain healthy eating habits on their Mexico vacation.  At this gourmet restaurant, the stunning views, gourmet cuisine and sophisticated ambiance create a combination that is beyond your average dining experience.

For guests staying at Villa La Estancia, dining out while on a Mexico vacation becomes even more special, as the resort offers two additional restaurants for guests to choose from that are located right next door.  El Patron at Villa del Palmar Flamingos, Villa La Estancia’s sister resort, offers a selection of contemporary Mexican cuisine that will please your senses with its exquisite flavors and delightful aromas.  Trattoria, which is open for pizza from 11am to 6pm and dinner from 6pm to 10:30pm, serves up a delicious assortment of classic Italian fare and oven-baked pizzas.

The variety of fine-dining options at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit is part of what makes the luxury resort so popular.  Guests have so much to choose from that satisfying one’s cravings is a blissful experience.

Restaurant Week 2017

Every year from May 15th through the 31st, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit convert themselves into the ultimate gastronomic destination for Restaurant Week, a culinary event that pampers your palate. The two-week festival, established by Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group, puts a spotlight on some of the most coveted restaurants around the bay. Both visitors and locals alike can delight in the delicious menus put out by over 40 restaurants, all at a discounted rate, giving patrons an opportunity to try a little or a lot of the fantastic food that the region has become known for.

Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week 2017 invites guests to try from a variety of three-course meals, each course having at least three options, so that patrons can cater their meals to their own tastes and cravings.  The menu created by each participating restaurant is provided at a discounted rate, sometimes lowering prices by up to 50%.  The restaurants that choose to participate in Restaurant Week 2017 do so with the promise of offering a variety of their very best meal options at either $269 or $399 pesos per person. The discounted rates and special menus make planning a week of dining out both more accessible and much more exciting.

Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit’s Restaurant Week is a highly anticipated event, with foodies from around the world planning their vacations to the region during the last two weeks of May.  For some, Restaurant Week 2017 is an opportunity to try the restaurant they have always been craving, while for others, it is simply an excuse to plan an evening out with friends, family or that special someone.  Whatever the reason, Vallarta Lifestyle’s Restaurant Week 2017 is sure to be a memorable event for all those taking advantage of the special prices and mouth-watering menus.

If your staying at the luxurious Villa La Estancia Beach Resort & Spa, in Riviera Nayarit, this May, make sure to check with the concierge for details about participating restaurants and their special menus. Or if this year is not in your plans, it is never a better time to book your stay at Villa La Estancia, as next year’s Restaurant Week makes for an extremely attractive time to visit Banderas Bay and the AAA Four-Diamond Villa La Estancia, Riviera Nayarit.

Spotlight on San Pancho

Cradled by the shores of the Pacific Ocean, just an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, is a majestic town called San Francisco, or San Pancho for short.  Kindly referred to as the “cultural heart of Riviera Nayarit,” this small, picturesque Mexican town is a breathtaking escape from the faster pace of the surrounding region.  Its palm peppered shore, golden sand beach and quaint cobblestone streets create a refuge for those wishing to jump back in time to the feeling of “old” Mexico. While relaxation is inevitable in the quaint fishing village of the past, there are also a number of other activities one can indulge in while visiting San Pancho.

When spending any amount of time in San Pancho, it is hard to miss the spiritual feeling of the town and its people. There truly is a connection between human life and nature, and the union can be felt in most of the activities found in town and on the beach throughout the day.  Among the most popular land activities for visitors are walking, hiking, bird watching and horseback riding. The rugged terrain that surrounds the picturesque beach creates the perfect escape from the heat and an amazing opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of Mexico’s Pacific coast.

The beautiful stretch of sandy beach also provides ample opportunity for a number of aquatic sports, including surfing, swimming and fishing.  While the waves can sometimes limit surfing to the experts, there are multiple points throughout the small cove that are great for swimming and playing in the water.

In addition, San Pancho has a vast array of relaxing things to do, including perusing the myriad boutique shops that line the center of town, dining at any number of the small, locally owned eateries that have garnered a reputation over the years for their delicious cuisine, or simply mingling with the people who call San Pancho their home.  The small town is loved by so many that it has become a refuge for Mexicans and foreigners alike.  Working together in synergy, the people of San Pancho have created a unique culture all their own, where friendship, a love for nature and an appreciation for life prevail.

Cuisine of the Sun Essential Events

The luxurious Villa La Estancia Beach Resort & Spa in Riviera Nayarit is enthralled with the upcoming edition of the Cuisine of the Sun International Food and Wine Festival.  From April 26th to the 29th, 2017, the AAA Four-Diamond resort set in the beautiful destination of Riviera Nayarit will invite guests to the ultimate gourmet experience, as national and internationally acclaimed chefs showcase their talents, dishes and libations at a myriad of essential events throughout the four-day festival.  The grand affair features a variety of entertaining activities that are sure to tempt your palate and keep you engaged from beginning to end.

Opening Ceremony with Chef Betty Vázquez

The Cuisine of the Sun Festival begins on Wednesday, April 26th in a big way with celebrity chefs meeting and mingling with guests during a Mexican themed party alongside Villa La Estancia’s pool deck.  Guests can indulge in the fantastic two-bite hors d’oeurves being served, while sipping on wines and tequila and listening to the local and international music that will permeate the air.  The star of the night, Chef Betty Vázquez, will provide the highlight of the evening as she puts on an outdoor demo and introduction to the Mexican culture and its cuisine. As Riviera Nayarit’s Ambassador, her creative techniques and personal flair are truly a treat for all those who will be in attendance.  Ending the evening will be a spectacular firework show that will light up the sky and the most outrageous display of chocolates and desserts guests have ever seen.

Thursday’s Trio of Essential Events

Thursday April 27th promises to be an exciting day filled with a trio of events guest won’t want to miss. The morning begins at 10:30 am with Chef Cloyce Martin, Chef Rahm Fama, and Mixologist Davina Thomasula putting on separate cooking shows and a Mixology demonstration. Guests can learn a few tricks of the trade during the entertaining and informative sessions at La Casona, Villa La Estancia’s eclectic Mexican steakhouse, before heading over to the Chopped Challenge at 2:00pm.  This second event of the day, sponsored by Alaska Airlines and SugarFoods will be held on the terrace of El Patron, where Chef Penny Davidi and celebrity guests Michele Ragussis, Martita Jara and Chris Kyler battle it out for a chance to move on the next round.  The limited array of ingredients, pressure to perform and competitive tone will contribute to the excitement of the days Chopped Challenge. Rounding out day two of the Cuisine of the Sun International Food & Wine Festival is a Chef Dinner Under the Stars with Davina Thomasula, Cloyce Martin, Rahm Fama, Dakota Weiss and Martita Jara.  Guests are invited to dance the night away, while enjoying exquisite cuisine, sensational music and great mixology in the company of various celebrity chefs and mixologists.

Friday’s Fun-Filled Schedule

Guests choosing to purchase tickets can join the stars for 2 hours of hot topics, great demos and a heated question and answer session at La Casona, as the celebrity chefs put it all on the table.  In this Talk Show and Cooking class, participating guests learn a few tricks, while Penny Davidi, Michele Ragussis, Martita Jara and Chris Kyler show off their talents. Following the morning activities is the second round of the Chopped Challenge, sponsored by Alaska Airlines and SugarFoods, and another Chef Dinner Under the Stars with celebrity guests Chris Kyler, Michele Ragussis, Gilles Epie, Penny Davidi and Mixologist Davina Thomasula. Between the great music and captivating entertainment, guests will have the time of their lives.

Saturday’s Grand Finale

On April 29th, the final day of the Festival, guests will be tantalized by an early morning cooking class, the grand finale of the Festival’s Chopped Challenge, and a closing ceremony that will outdo every other event of its kind. Guests can join in on the most spectacular beach party in Mexico where all the chefs prepare their signature dishes and Chef Pat Neely prepares a delicious BBQ dinner.  Participants can dance under the stars as local bands entertain the crowds and the finest lingerie, swim suits and diamonds steal the show, in a spectacular event that features international models, draped in millions of dollars in jewels.  Closing the event is a fireworks extravaganza that will blow away any 4th of July party!

Villa La Estancia Los Cabos’ Full Board Meal Plan

Villa La Estancia Los Cabos just launched their new Full Board meal plan, a unique meal plan designed with the needs and desires of guests in mind.  The new Full Board plan, available exclusively at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos, presents guests with an unlimited assortment of mouth-watering cuisine and non-alcoholic beverages at all of Villa La Estancia Los Cabos’ restaurants, including the number one rated restaurant in Los Cabos, La Casona.

The Villa Group’s choice to offer such an exclusive plan came after an in-depth analysis of the all-inclusive meal plan previously offered at the resort, which included feedback from owners, guests and online reviews.  After careful consideration, the luxury resort in Los Cabos developed the new meal plan option hoping to please guests by offering a more personalized service.  Full Board includes meals, snacks, soft drinks and water at any of the restaurants at Villa La Estancia for $85USD per day per adult.  As an added value, guests choosing this option have the unique chance to dine at any of the delectable restaurants of Villa La Estancia’s sister resorts, Villa del Palmar and Villa del Arco, which are located within the same resort compound.  This exclusive opportunity gives guests purchasing the Full Board meal plan at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos ten unbelievable restaurants to choose from.  No other resort provides such a wide variety of dining options without requiring that guests leave the comfort and accessibility of the resort grounds.

The owners of The Villa Group and the management of Villa La Estancia Los Cabos hope that in addition to the European plan, which is based on consumption only, the availability of the alcohol free Full Board meal plan will better suit the diverse desires of their clientele. Travelers choosing Villa La Estancia Los Cabos’ Full Board meal plan will no doubt be on their way to an unparalleled vacation experience.