The Desert Spa Piña-Colada Body Facial

Welcome to a very relaxing and indulgent way to spend the morning or afternoon in beautiful Baja California. We begin with an enticingly sweet full body scrub with fresh papaya and pineapple extracts. This is followed by a hydrating mineral mask with pineapple, mangosteen and aloe vera. This wonderful experience of the senses ends with a full body massage using a “facial quality” coconut milk formula.
(80 minutes)

Espresso Lime Slimming Body Treatment

Treat your body like a temple with this detoxifying and firming treatment, guaranteed to leave you sleek and smooth. This treatment begins with dry body brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Your body will then be covered in an Espresso Lime Slimming Oil, especially formulated to purify and tone the body. This luxurious treatment will keep your body looking fabulous all year round.
(80 minutes)

Coconut Milk Immersion

Indulge yourself in the healing and hydrating properties of coconut milk. This total body experience begins with a 15-minute soak in a swirling blend of Kukui, coconut, marigold and chamomile. Then you are invited to relax as your therapist administers a luxurious coconut milk massage of 50 minutes that is sure to leave your entire body refreshed and revitalized.
(80 minutes)

Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

Begin your treatment with an aromatic cinnamon, vanilla and brown sugar scrub to deeply moisturize and exfoliate your skin. Then enjoy a 50-minute massage with the lavish Epicuren Vanilla Bean After Bath Body Moisturizer. This indulgent experience will leave your skin beautifully polished and hydrated.
(80 minutes)

Sea of Cortez Body Scrub

The salts used in this body scrub come from the Sea of Cortez and contain seaweed extracts from the Baja California area as well as Rosemary essential oil and extracts of Nopal and Aloe Vera. This is a stronger exfoliation treatment ideal for those with normal skin and for those who tend to have rough skin around the elbows and knees.
(25 minutes)

Desert Lime Body Scrub

This milder, softer exfoliant contains the extract and essential oil of the Mexican lime that is found in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Designed for skin that is more sensitive, this citrus treat will leave your skin feeling soft and your body invigorated.
(25 minutes)

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